10 futuristic ways to charge your phone

From the cool and convenient to the downright weird, here are some of the quirkiest phone chargers around.

Peter Iantorno December 18, 2014

In today's modern world, we rely on our phones to do pretty much everything. From taking photos and updating social media, to downloading music and ordering us a taxi, the list is endless.But all of those cool features we've come to rely on so heavily are useless if your mobile runs out of battery, which it so often does.

Sure, you can carry around a bulky charger with you all day or religiously plug your phone into the tangle of wires by your bedside drawers each night, but isn't it all a bit of a hassle? We certainly think it is, so with that in mind, here are 10 futuristic phone chargers that make juicing-up your mobile a joy:

Solar Sunflower

Living in the land of sunshine, it's a shame to see all that solar energy going to waste. But with the Solar Sunflower, all you need to do is leave it by the window and it'll gain enough electricity to keep your phone fully charged. And you don't even need to water it... Details: AED 290. Visit xd-design.com solar sunflower Booksi

Do away with unsightly cables and make yourself look well-read with these phone chargers built into classic books. From Jane Austen to Plato, there's a range of legendary authors available. Details: From AED 185. Visit etsy.com Booksi Electree

The same premise as the Solar Sunflower, but for those with an eye for design, the Electree from French designer Vivien Muller uses 27 solar 'leaves' in the shape of a Japanese bonsai tree to gain the power needed to charge your phone. Details: AED 1,675. Visit vivien-muller.fr electree OnE Puck

So simple yet so brilliant, the OnE Puck charges your phone using anything that's particularly hot OR particularly cold. So whether you're a coffee or a iced tea man, your mobile is charged either way. Details: AED 425. Visit epiphanylaboratories.com OnE Puck CampStove

It's not the best idea to venture into the desert on a camping trip when your phone is nearly dead, but with the CampStove, which uses the heat from fire to charge your phone, you'll never be left cut off from civilisation. Details: AED 480. Visit biolitestove.com CampStove


It may look like a plain old football, but the Soccket is actually a rather clever piece of kit that becomes charged when you play with it and can then be used as a power source for anything with a USB connection. It works by harnessing the kinetic energy generated when it's kicked and storing it for later use - just imagine how much power it'd be able to get from one of Cristiano Ronaldo's free kicks! Details: AED 365. Visit unchartedplay.com soccket Hymini

We've covered solar, kinetic and thermo energy, so why not wind? OK, you might get a few funny looks with this strapped to your arm on your morning jog, but at least you'll be doing your bit for renewable energy. Details: AED 185. Visit hymini.com Hymini Powermat

Wireless charging while you grab a cup of coffee? We like the sound of that. It's only available in the US at the moment, but it looks like a matter of time until it goes global. Details: AED 37. Visit powermat.com Phorce Pro

For the man in need of some serious power, Phorce Pro is bag that can charge up all your devices at once. It even connects wirelessly with your phone and can send you a notification if you walk away and leave the bag somewhere, so you can turn around and rescue it. Details: AED 2,020. Visit phorce.com Phorce Pro NomadKey

For the man who's always on the move, the NomadKey fits snugly on to your keyring and connects your phone to any USB socket. Just track down a power source and you're good to go. Details: AED 110. Visit hellonomad.com ChargeKey