4 amazing safes you'd rather steal than crack

From bulletproof doors and watch winders to cigar humidors and fingerprint biometrics: welcome to the world of luxury safes.

Peter Iantorno December 16, 2014

When you've got nice things that are valuable, it stands to reason that people might want to get their hands on them, so it's important to keep your valuables protected and in pristine condition.

In years gone by the bedside drawer or perhaps a shoe box under the bed were worthy hiding places for your goodies, but nowadays, if you really want to make sure that your valuables are secure, a luxury safe is the only way to go. Here are four of the best:

Brown Safe Chronos

In terms of security, it's difficult to see where the Chronos could be improved upon. Its outer shell is made from ballistic armour, which can repel a .50 caliber round with ease (if you don't believe us, watch it do exactly that here) and until recently was reserved only for the military.

Add this to four-way solid titanium locking bolts, an interlocking anti-pry door, alarm system integration, GPS tracking system and a list of other security features as long as your arm, and, well, you get the idea.

But it's not all tough steel and ultimate protection, the Chronos also comes with some exquisite finishing details that really elevate it to being a luxury safe. Think interiors of hand-stitched suede and brushed stainless-steel, automatic watch winders and advanced biometric fingerprint opening system - just like your iPhone 6.

Details: Starting from AED 216,000. Visit brownsafe.com

Buben & Zorweg X-007

This creation from Buban & Zorweg is just as much a work of art as it is a safe. The Austrian company, which also produces high-end timepieces, has produced the X-007 apparently because it's so secure that even 007 wouldn't be able break into it. 

That impressive level of security comes firstly from a super-tough PAXOS compact locking system, which is connectable with your home alarm, and secondly from the fact that the safe itself is concealed in an elegantly designed monolith, which most potential robbers would mistake for a particularly impressive side table! 

The specifications of the safe can be tailored to your needs, but possibilities include LED lighting with fading technology, high-security internal drawers for storing jewellery or other valuables and up to 21 watch winders. 

Details: Price on request. Visit buben-zorweg.com

Döttling The Fortress (also main image)

Described quite simply as "the safest luxury safe in the world", the Fortress, from German security specialists Döttling, reaches the VfS/EN 5. security standard - which, we're reliably informed, is absolutely unique in its field and really rather good!

Certified and insured to hold contents up to $1 million, the Fortress includes eight individually controlled watch winders, a humidor made from Spanish cedar and, in its upper section, space for an additional six watches, which are wound by precision rotators.

All this is wrapped in the finest calfskin, and since Döttling likes to provide a bespoke service to its customers, the colour and configuration of the safe can be changed to your specifications.

Details: Price on request. Visit doettling.com 

Stockinger Phoenix

You can't beat good old-fashioned German manufacturing, and the Stockinger Phoenix has all the solidity you'd expect from the Germans, plus a touch a gold that's bound to appeal to the Middle East.

The safe is built using a multi-wall construction, meaning that it's the lightest possible weight but still retains a near-imprentrable level of strength. If an attempt is made to open the Stockinger by force then an emergency bolt mechanism will firmly and permanently lock the safe and send a silent alarm distress signal to the emergency services.

Inside it has a capacity for up to 70 watch winders and can be customised to your exact specifications, with optional drawers and various colours available, we have a feeling the gold option is the one that does best.

Details: Starting at AED 480,000. Visit stockinger.com