A Safe Place For Your Rolex

That $10,000 face sitting on your wrist deserves a secure place to lay its head. Enter Gio Pagani and its custom-made watch safes.

EDGAR staff May 14, 2014

Some people collect stamps; others collect baseball cards; but as you might expect our obsessions at Edgar tend to be a bit more upmarket.

Suits, cars, holiday villas – yes, we are suckers for pretty things and are happy to spend big to get them. But there is one thing that really tickles our fancy, one that triggers a deep yearning that keeps us up at night longing to add to our already enviable collection – timepieces.

For the amount of money that we have spent over the years on watches it makes perfect sense to invest in something that will keep them not only safe, but look good as well. Enter, Gio Pagani.

The Italian architect and designer has introduced a series of high-end custom-made watch safes that not only keep your prised collection of IWC, Rolex and Jaeger-LeCoulter beauties under lock and key – or in some cases, combination code – but when open shows them off in all their glory, which, if we are honest, is sort of the point.

Decked out with customisable full grain leather interiors, the assorted models of safes vary in materials (including carbon fibre, marble and American walnut), number of display plateaus and even the number of built-in watch winders, which are individually programmed to rotate a timepiece to ensure that it is kept in pristine working order, without any additional stresses on its gears.

Details: for more visit boxfortoys.com