"Answer Your Watch" - Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung strikes first blood in the battle of wearable technology. Your move, Apple.

EDGAR staff May 14, 2014

While wearable devices may still feel like the stuff of science fiction, they are very much a reality – as evidenced by the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Despite its name being a bit clunky, and its design, this watch does so much more than simply tell time.

Called a Smartwatch for a reason, each piece can pair up with any Samsung Galaxy device allowing it, amongst other things, to discreetly notify you of a new text message, let you preview its contents and then, if you chose to, it will instantly open it on your larger device.

Think of it as a little heads up allowing you to monitor what’s going on with your phone without constantly having to check it.

Other powerful features include a pedometer, a camera, a gyroscope and a built-in microphone with bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to make and take phone calls through your watch, perfect if you are driving. It is even set up to be voice activated so you can make calls simply by telling the phone to do so. Although, we must admit, you may look a bit strange talking to your wrist. Your move, Apple.

Details: visit samsung.com