Diamond encrusted assaya made for UAE's 43rd National Day

The carbon fibre cane comes with a AED 1 million price tag.

EDGAR staff December 1, 2014

Decades before the Gulf States became wealthy nations with futuristic skyscrapers on every corner, the traditional Arab way of life was a lot simpler.

Camels were – and still are for many – the economy for Bedouin communities, and keeping their expensive herds in check required a strong stick. Literally.

The assaya is one of the Arab world’s most symbolic pieces of its culture, history and heritage. As well as using it in daily life, the assaya doubled up as a weapon before eventually evolving into a dance named the Tahtiyb.

Which brings us significantly to today and more specifically, to the AED 1 million, diamond encrusted assaya that has been created for the UAE’s 43rd National Day.

Made by local retailer Royal Assaya, the cane – simply named ‘43’ – is made of carbon fibre and features a traditional Arabic pattern design, hand sculpted out of platinum and encrusted with 62 carats of diamonds. There is also a two-carat diamond adorned in the upper capping.

It is the first unique assaya to break the AED 1 million price tag, although we suspect it won’t be the last. Not a bad gift for someone this National Day.

Details: visit royalassaya.com