Eat your heart out Marty McFly, the world's first hoverboard is here

The Hoverboard by ZR is about to turn every little boy’s dream into a reality.

EDGAR staff June 19, 2014

From the moment Marty McFly hopped on his hoverboard in 1989 cult classic Back to the Future 2, every young boy (and plenty of older ones) has dreamed of doing the same. For years the dream had been exactly that - a pure fantasy that had no chance of ever being lived out.

But now, thanks to French jet ski champion Franky Zapata, an actual working hoverboard exists - and if the video above is anything to go by, it's probably the coolest invention we've ever seen.

The Hoverboard by ZR is a cross between a wakeboard and a flyboard, which is attached to a high-speed personal watercraft (PWC) such as a jet ski - you'll have to provide your own one of those unfortunately - and uses the flow of water provided by the PWC to propel the rider through the air at amazing speeds.

The whole thing is connected by up to 18 metres of hose, so the jet ski can remain at a safe distance behind you while you're having the time of your life.

Expected to retail at the best part of $6,000 - AED 200,000 - when it comes out later this summer, we predict you'll be seeing plenty of these off Dubai's marina shoreline before the year is out.

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