Finally! The flying car has become a reality

With this igneous machine, traffic jams could become a thing of the past.

EDGAR staff October 9, 2014

There's nothing more infuriating than being stuck in traffic. In fact, we've all wished at some point or another that our car could just sprout a pair of wings and simply take off, flying over the tailbacks.

Of course we've never been so naive as to think something like that is actually possible, but now according to the makers of this ingenious machine, the mythical concept of a flying car has finally become a reality.

The machine in question is called the AeroMobil and, yes, it actually flies! (If you don't believe us then watch the video above).

Making use of existing infrastructure created for both cars and planes, the AeroMobil drives just like any other car, can fit into a standard parking space and can be filled up at any normal petrol station. However, in plane mode, it could take off or land at any airport in the world.

As a car, top speed is around the 160km/h mark, but once it transforms into an aeroplane, it can reach upwards of 200km/h. Made out of a steel framework with a carbon coating, it weighs 450kg without any passengers or fuel. It has a range of 875km in driving mode, but if you're off the ground the range is a slightly less impressive 700km.

According to the Slovakian firm behind AeroMobil, the 3.0 prototype will should be available to buy from 2017.

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