Inside the $25 million super yacht that looks like the Batmobile

If Bruce Wayne had a boat, he’d have the Xhibitionist.

Peter Iantorno December 14, 2014

With a name like the Xhibitionist, it's quite clear what the creators of this showy super yacht had in mind, and with a design that looks like something Batman would use to fight the gangsters of Gotham, it certainly does not disappoint.

Penned by Swedish-based designer Eduard Gray, who also specialises in cars and motorbikes (which kind of explains the car-like shape of this ostentatious vessel), the Xhibitionist is a 70-metre trimaran with more cool features than you get in most luxury homes.

What are all these cool features, you ask? Well, let's start with the not one, not two, but THREE helipads on top of the boat, which also double as a performance space for throwing concerts and the like.

Then there's the rooftop jacuzzi, solar panels, which can be used to power the ship, and, oh yeah, a matching sports car kept on the boat just in case you need to pop on to land and pick up some more champagne and caviar.

It has a number of 'modes', from 'entertaining' mode - with the concert area, an indoor restaurant, bar and nightclub and room for 600 or so of your nearest and dearest guests - to the 'retail' mode, which sees the ship being converted into a giant floating showroom for luxury cars, or whatever else you'd like to advertise.

If you can stump up the $25 million price tag then its all yours. However, the only catch is that construction on the boat hasn't actually started, but the good news is it's expected to begin soon and should be ready within the next 18 months or so. Roll on 2016!

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