Navdy: feels like driving in the future

The new gadget that is set to revolutionise the hands-free kit.

EDGAR staff September 9, 2014

Nowadays, we're rarely off our phones. Even when we're driving and not legally allowed to use them, it's difficult to resist taking a glance down when we hear the message alert.

And if you use your phone as a satnav, you'll no doubt have experienced the difficulties of studying the map on a tiny screen balanced precariously somewhere on your dashboard. Hardly conducive to safe driving, is it?

But if the device in the video above is as good as it looks, then all that will be a thing of the past. Navdy is a hands-free kit that delivers all the relevant information on your phone into a transparent, heads-up display (HUD) projected onto your windscreen.

It responds to touchless gestures, meaning you can answer calls or dismiss notifications simply with a swipe of your hand. It also uses voice-recognition technology, so you can dictate texts, tweets and more and have Navdy send them for you.

The device is still at a working prototype stage at the moment, but the company is aiming to begin delivery by early 2015, and you can pre-order one now for $299.

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