R2-D2 got an upgrade, and it's pretty cool

If you don’t get freaked out by technology rolling through your hallways, then KEECKER is the thing for you.

EDGAR staff November 11, 2014

With the impending seventh instalment of the Stars Wars franchise now in post-production - The Force Awakens - it seems fitting that what can best be described as a 21st century R2-D2 has emerged on the technology scene. And it is either the coolest, or the creepiest thing we've seen in a while.

KEECKER is the world's first HomePod - a multimedia robot that can play music, project a film, take photos, play games, guard your home and let you browse the internet all from the touch of your smartphone.

The android-powered entertainment bot breaks the restrictions off your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to play whatever's on your screen onto a blank wall, all while following you around on its motorised wheels, like some needy robotic cabbage.

KEECKER - if you buy one you can probably name it whatever you like - also offers home analytics (we didn't know there was such a thing) providing you with temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, as well as security; enabling you to check in and view your home from anywhere in the world. So now when you're broken into while on holiday, you can sit back and watch it unfold.

Jokes aside, we admit it looks like a fun and useful item to have around your home and will undoubtedly impress your friends when they ask where the music's coming from. Or when you project photos from your recent holiday to the Maldives onto their face.

The company behind KEECKER has gone past its target of $100,000 on Kickstarter, with almost $250,000 pledged. So you can expect this piece of technology to become a very real thing in the near future. Now we wait for its C-3PO equivalent...

Details: visit keecker.com