Ares: The Savile Row of luxury cars

Neil Churchill June 30, 2014

The UAE can be a unique place for many reasons. In the world of luxury cars, it's unique because a standard Ferrari 458 or Porsche 911 turbo do not stand out from the crowd.

There's so many supercars here that to really turn heads you need yours to have something that none of the others do. Now a luxury automotive atelier plans to offer a service to make even the world's most special cars that more unique.

ARES - based in Modena, Italy - boosts the aesthetics and performance of cars, offering both exterior and interior design as well as 'engineering innovations'. The new company uses a pretty formidable mix of Italian handcraftsmanship and German engineering knowledge, as well as advanced technology from yacht building.

The firm isn't going into the business lightly either, poaching ex-Lotus lead designer Mihai Panaitescu, and former Mercedes-Benz AMG COO Wolf Zimmermann. 

They don't have the market to themselves of course; Hammann and Mansory are two names - both popular in the Gulf - which have established themselves pretty well as the go-to luxury ateliers. But ARES' management say they want the company to become the Savile Row of the automotive industry, and judging by these photos of the Aston Martin Vanquish and Bentley Continental GT they've worked on, they're pretty much there.

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