Ultra-exclusive Rolls-Royce Waterspeed coming to UAE

Inspired by Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Bluebird, the new Phantom Drophead Coupé will be limited to just 35 cars.

Neil Churchill June 11, 2014

When you need to take something that is the pinnacle of its industry and transcend it into the realm of ultra-exclusivity, you do two things: decrease the number and increase the price.

Rolls-Royce has mastered this approach for years, especially in the UAE where its bespoke unit is the busiest in the world.

And now the British manufacturer will do it once again with the limited production run for its Waterspeed Collection; a bespoke version of the Phantom Drophead Coupé.

The ultra-exclusive car made its debut appearance on the shores of Lake Como last week, and it’s been revealed that Abu Dhabi Motors will take delivery of a very limited number of the new model – only 35 will be available worldwide.

The Waterspeed Collection was designed to celebrate Sir Malcolm Campbell’s 1937 water-speed record he achieved in his Bluebird K3, powered by a Rolls-Royce engine.

The car comes in brushed steel and a unique Maggiore Blue colour scheme, while Abachi wood inlays are intended to evoke the sense of Campbell’s Bluebird.

However, we suspect – and hope – that the 35 owners of Rolls-Royce's new model will never contemplate taking it near water.

Details: visit rolls-roycemotorcars.com