10 gadgets to make your office awesome

From a desktop humidor to an early warning system that tells you when the boss is on his way, these gadgets would make any man’s office better.

EDGAR staff April 16, 2015

Around the world, the average man spends around a third of his life in the office - and we have cause to suspect that fraction is even higher here in the UAE, where evenings and weekends spent slaving away at work are far from a rare occurrence. So why, then, are offices so often places that are less than pleasant to be in?

While some - or possibly most - of the items in this list are quite unnecessary, there's no doubt that each and every one of them would make the average office a whole lot cooler.

Here are 10 gadgets to make your office awesome.

Shirt Shuttle

An ingenious idea perfect for sweltering UAE summers, Shirt Shuttle enables you to carry a spare shirt along with you completely crease free. Never again will a meeting be ruined by embarrassing sweat patches.

Details: patrona.com best office gadgets.

S. T. Dupont pen

You can tell a lot about a man by the quality of the pen he writes with. Make yours a decent one, like this beauty from S. T. Dupont.

Details: st-dupont.com best office gadgets. Silent Mouse

Easily irritated by the cacophony of clicking around a busy office? Get yourself (and your colleagues) a wireless, silent mouse, which uses tiny bit of memory foam to dull those annoying clicks.

Details: amazon.com best office gadgets. Self-stirring mug

Stir your tea or coffee at the press of a button instead of using one of those germ-infested spoons that's been lingering in the office kitchen sink for as long as anyone can remember.

Details: amazon.com best office gadgets. Handmade Italian hourglass

Each item made by high-end Italian company Match Pewter is handmade by artisans in northern Italy. imagine setting someone a deadline by flipping over this beautiful creation.

Details: match1995.com best office gadgets. Rearview monitor mirror

Always getting busted by the boss reading EDGARdaily during office hours? This ingenious rearview mirror that attaches to your screen will give you more of a warning that someone's approaching.

Details: amazon.com best office gadgets. Minipresso

Hopefully your office has a decent coffee machine, but for those who aren't so lucky, this handy on-the-go espresso maker is just the ticket.

Details: wacaco.com best office gadgets. Tiko 3D printer

Why do you need a 3D printer in the office? Well, unless you're an inventor or scientist you probably don't, but that doesn't stop it being completely awesome - and for just over AED 650 it's a steal!

Details: tiko3d.com best office gadgets.

Desktop humidor

The ultimate manly office accessory, this mobile humidor from Brizard & Co. means you'll always have one of your favourite sticks at hand when a victory cigar is called for.

Details: brizardandco.com best office gadgets. LED clock fan

This USB-connectable LED clock fan is cool in more ways than one.

Details: red5.co.uk best office gadgets.