5 funky cigar accessories

Awesome gadgets that will vastly improve any man’s smoking experience.

Neil Churchill January 19, 2015

L & R scissors

The best thing about these cigar cutters is not the fact that they were made with Japanese steel, in Seki, but that they were made with time-honoured techniques that for centuries have been used in the making of samurai swords.

Warriors aside, they also offer great control, balance and comfort whilst cutting your stick, and as they’re based on a Tai Chi concept, they fit comfortably on any finger and on either hand. Priced approx. AED 1,130. Cigar scissors.

Black leather travel cigar humidor

What good are cigars if you can't take them with you on your travels. And throwing them loosely into your carry on luggage is certainly not the way to treat them. Travel humidors are not in short supply, but this stylish one made from black leather and red stitching would be our choice.

The straps and gold buckles give it more of a classic briefcase look, but don't be fooled - this is a fully functioning humidor with a black humidifier included inside. It can hold up to 20 cigars too, which should be plenty for most trips. Priced approx. AED 220 Cigar black travel humidor. Vibrant Series 200 sticks humidor with cigar spa

Every home should have a well built (and well stocked) home for your finer sticks and this one certainly stands out, and not just because of the bright yellow colour scheme. This humidor really offers a premium space for your more valuable cigars.

Handmade with a ‘piano finish’ containing at least 15 layers of lacquer and colour, each humidor from Siglo is unique and comes complete with a digital hygrometer and a humidifier. You’ll also receive it in a special presentation box and velvet bag. Priced approx. AED 5,560. Cigar humidor Vibrant Series 200. Hurricane desktop torch cigar lighter

When a lighter is named a Hurricane, you know it's going to be powerful. This desktop cigar torch comes with a gun style grip and extended flame, so it can be used as a table top lighter when placed in its stand, on your cigar room desk.

It has dual style flames including a lunger lock for a continuous, blue torch, and adjustable flame reach. Just don't get too close, or your favourite stick will never forgive you. Priced approx. AED 80. Hurricane desktop torch cigar lighter. Charles Dickens ashtray

Add a spot of literary class to your smoking time with an ashtray bearing a quote from one of history’s greatest storytellers, Charles Dickens. “Ah, if only I had a cigar with me! This would have established my identitiy,” reads the quote spread ornately across the centre of the fine bone China tray in gold.

Stood on a custom-made base it also marks it out as a classic piece to have around the house. Priced approx. AED 323 Charles Dickens ashtray.