8 cool gadgets to spice up your kitchen

From nesting knives and nutcrackers, to quick-cooking pans and an invention to replace the kettle, you need these ingenious items in your life.

Peter Iantorno January 12, 2015

Cooking isn't everyone's favourite pastime, but if you want to truly enjoy something, it's always best to have the right equipment to do so.

Some of these gadgets make food preparation easier, some save energy, some are design masterpieces and some are completely unnecessary, yet a whole lot of fun! Here are the pieces your kitchen simply can't do without:

Nespresso Gran Maestria coffee machine

The venerable grand daddy of Nespresso's home coffee brewing machines, the Gran Maestria is like having an expert barista standing by at your every beck and call.

The machine features the usual bulletproof Nespresso coffee brewing mechanism that produces coffee shop-quality espresso in seconds, along with an attached milk frother and even a cup warmer to ensure your drink stays hotter for longer. Details AED 3,145. Visit buynespresso.com nespresso Gran Maestria

Naomi Spring nutcracker

Brilliantly unnecessary yet tremendously fun, the Naomi Spring nutcracker is the gadget for those who want freshly cracked nuts but hate the laborious task of shelling them.

Simply place the nut in the device, coil back the spring and unleash its force, delivering a tiny yet ferocious hammer blow, smashing the nut's shell to smithereens. And the best bit? All the pieces stay inside the spring. Details: AED 200. Visit take2-design.de Deglon knife set (main image)

The designers at French company Deglon are experts in solving problems, and in the classic wooden knife block, which takes up valuable space on kitchen counters the world over, they saw rather a large one.

Their solution was this set of stainless-steel kitchen knives which fit rather satisfyingly into each other and are contained within a single steel block about the size of a standard chef's knife. Brilliant. Details: AED 3,500. Visit amazon.com Deglon knives. Flare pans

These pans are so sophisticated, it took a rocket scientist to come up with the idea for them. Seriously, researchers at the University of Oxford used thermo-dynamic technology usually used on jet engines for the collection, which is shown to heat up faster and using 40 per cent less energy than standard pans.

Specially designed to heat up super-quickly and distribute heat evenly, these scientific saucepans are best used on gas hobs but are also fine for electric, ceramic, halogen and even in the oven. Details: AED 950 for a set of three. Visit lakeland.co.uk Flare pans Lakeland The Smoking Gun

A gadget for ambitious amateur chefs, the Smoking Gun allows anyone to take the trendy technique of flavouring food with smoke, which is so popular with professional chefs, and bring it into the home.

The hand-held device works by being filled with one of a range of available flavoured wood chips, which are then set alight and the smoke is piped on to the food of your choice. Details: AED 367. Visit polyscienceculinary.com Smoking Gun Miito

Here at EDGAR, we love smart thinking, and that's exactly what this ingenious little alternative to the conventional kettle is.

The device eliminates wasted energy from overfilled kettles by using a mettle rod powered by an induction base, which heats up water in any non-ferrous vessel. Details: Still in development. Visit miito.de Minipresso

There are some times when a good coffee is a must, but if you're out on the go, decent cafes aren't always easily available. The solution? Minipresso, a highly portable espresso machine that lets you brew delicious shots wherever you are.

The machine uses an inbuilt semi-automatic piston, which, when powered by just a few manual pumps, injects small quantities of water through the coffee for a rich, authentic tasting espresso. Details: AED 150. Visit wacaco.com Minipresso Maple knife set

Canadian company Warehouse specialises in finding quirky alternatives for normal everyday items, and in these unusual knives made mostly of wood but with just a small metal blade, it's done just that.

They may look like a bit of a gimmick, but each knife is unique and handmade from Canadian Maple wood and super-tough German stainless steel, so if you look after them right they're sure to serve you well. Details: AED 440. Visit warehousebrand.com Maple knives