Apocalypse Insurance: Luxury bomb shelters for paranoid billionaires

If you’re going to hide underground, you may as well do it in style.

EDGAR staff November 4, 2015

Natural disaster, civil unrest, nuclear war or even the zombie apocalypse; however it eventually happens, when Doomsday finally arrives, nobody wants to get caught out in the open.

While most people would be happy with any form of shelter, for the uber-rich 1 per cent, only the best will do. Enter Vivos – a company that specialises in building super luxurious bunkers designed especially for billionaires of a paranoid nature.

The shelters are set deep underground behind reinforced steel doors, but inside they are more reminiscent of five-star hotels than wartime hideouts, with everything from swimming pools and wine cellars, to gyms and cinema rooms equipped with state-of-the-art TVs and plush leather chairs.

As well as all the luxurious trappings, the shelters are built to withstand pretty much anything, from tsunami to nuclear bomb blast. They also have air filters to guarantee clear airflow, enough food, water and fuel to last for a year and even include a helicopter service to pick up guests in the event of an emergency.

Vivos has already built one shelter in Indiana, US, with a capacity of around 80 people. The company plans to build a much larger 500-person shelter in Germany called Europa One and it also offers bespoke options for high net-worth individuals who want a private shelter for them and their family only.

So, what does it cost to get this luxurious protection in the event of disaster? While prices for one of the few remaining spots in the Indiana shelter can be had for a bargain $35,000 per adult and $25,000 per child – or cheaper if you can prove that you have some of the desired skills listed on the company’s website – a berth on the $1.1 billion Europa One development is likely to cost between $3 and $5 million, and the custom packages will be significantly more.

It certainly isn’t cheap, but when the big red button is pressed or the zombies turn up, we know where we’d rather be.