Fancy owning your own submarine? Of course you do!

5 cool mini-subs for when global warming makes us all live underwater.

Peter Iantorno May 4, 2015

It's easy to get downbeat amid all the doom-and-gloom talk of fossil fuels, greenhouse gasses and climate change at the moment. However, here atEDGAR, we're in the business of solutions - not problems - so when we see that sea levels are on the rise, what's our first thought? Submarines, of course!

Naturally a submarine is always going to be pretty cool, but these five vivacious vessels take personal underwater travel to whole new levels.



Although the description on the company's website is at pains to state that the Seabreacher is not technically a submarine, anyone who has ever seen one of these fearsome-looking things hurtling towards them fully submerged under the surface of the water would surely beg to differ.

Powered by a 260bhp supercharged engine - that's about half of the power you get in a top-spec 2016 Mercedes AMG GT - the Seabreacher can hit speeds of 100kph, and has the ability to travel both underwater and the surface, do 360-degree barrel roles and perform spectacular jumps just like a dolphin would.

Starting from around $85,000, each Seabreacher is custom-built and can be designed to the customer's specifications. Or alternatively, if you don't fancy shelling out for your own one, Rixos The Palm is currently offering the UAE's first Seabreacher experience for guests at the hotel and beach club. But seriously, why would you not buy one?


Deepflight Super Falcon submarine Deepflight Super Falcon Mark II

Rather more subtle than the hulking great engine-powered Seabreacher, the Super Falcon Mark II is powered entirely by electricity, meaning its quiet operation makes it perfect for sneaking up on coral reefs and shipwrecks without disturbing the wildlife.

But while it may move quietly, the fighter-pilot-esque looks are not just for show, and with wings and tail fins just like you'd find on an F-18, the Mark II can move through the water with astounding grace and dynamism, even completing barrel rolls along the way.

With each Super Falcon being custom made, the price for this beauty is starts at $1.5 million. That might seem a bit steep for something you can only really appreciate under the water, but take the presence of the second pod into account and you can share it with a mate for a steal at $750,000 a piece. What are you waiting for?



As if personal submarines couldn't get any cooler, the Iron Man-style Exosuit just so happens to have been used by watchmakers Hublot in their diving mission to uncover the treasures lost in the Antikythera Shipwreck off the Greek coast.

A fully atmospheric craft, the suit allows divers to descend to depths of up to 300 metres, stay underwater for a maximum of 50 hours and travel from bottom to surface quickly without the need for any decompression.

It features small, powerful thrusters that control the direction of the diver; strong LED lights to illuminate the dark depths; claw-like grabbers that can handle both heavy and delicate work; and retractable joints that allow the diver to move each limb independently. Want one? It'll set you back a cool $1.5 million.


triton submarine Triton

Ok, we admit it. Up to now we've been kind of playing with therm 'submarine' - an insane shark-painted underwater speedboat and and Iron Man suit are probably not the most practical tools for deep-sea exploration, even if they do look like amazing. But now it's time to get serious, and it doesn't get much more serious than a submersible from Triton.

The American company offers a range of submarines with capacities ranging from one to eight people. So far so normal, but where this company jumps leaps and bounds ahead of the rest is in depth, with it's deepest-rated submarine, the 36000/3, capable of descending to an astounding 11,000 metres (that's 36,000 feet, as you may have guessed from the name).

The 36000/3 model is enough to go to the deepest known ocean depths in the world, which we'd hazard are pretty dangerous and not all that that pleasant, so maybe the Triton 1000/3 (pictured) capable of a slightly more 'modest' 300 metres would be more up our street.


U Boat Worx Super Yahct 3 U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3

Because owning a super-yacht is clearly not enough, the Super Yacht Sub 3 from U-Boat Worx is specially designed to fit neatly into the corner of your vessel - perhaps alongside the Bugatti Veyron parked on the lower deck.

Holding up to three people in luxurious leather-swaddled surroundings, this personal sub offers features such as sonar, climate control, LED lights and even an auto-pilot for when you're too busy counting your cash to take the controls.

The Super Yacht Sub is custom-built on the request of each customer and can be uprated from its original 100-metre depth rating to 200 or even 300 metres. And as for the price? If you have to ask...