Hello Jetman: Watch XDubai's stuntman fly with an A380

VIDEO: Jetman Dubai has taken to the skies again, flying in formation with an Emirates superjumbo. 

November 5, 2015

Of all the stunts and daredevil moments that have taken place in Dubai, this one is right up there.  

We introduced Jetman Dubai to you earlier this year with this interview, and at the time we questioned what else could Yves Rossy achieve that would leave us as open mouthed as we were after his debut flight.

Well the winged crusader has returned to the UAE's skies in this latest video and attempted to achieve such awesomeness again, this time along with his new flying buddy Vince Reffet. And, incredibly, he's achieved it, by flying in formation with one of Emirates' A380 superjumbos.

No words can do justice to this epic clip; just watch the video above.