iPhone hacks: 10 things you should be asking Siri

The helpful voice inside your iPhone can do a lot more than you may think…

Peter Iantorno May 7, 2015

We all know that computers are going to steal our jobs and take over the world one day, but for the moment, we may as well put the limited technology we have to good use.

Sadly, Siri still can't help you get that pesky U2 album off your iPhone, but she does have an awful lot of other uses you may never even have considered. Here are 10 we found:

Learn what planes are flying above your right now

Have you got a burning desire to know what planes are flying overhead at any given moment? You're a bit odd, but Siri has the answer for you anyway.

Take notes and send texts, emails or posts to social media

Nobody has got time to mess around tapping out messages on a fiddly touchscreen nowadays. For the ultimate in handsfree convince, instruct Siri to do the donkey work for you.

Get sports results

If you missed last night's big match, Siri can bring you up to date and let you know how many goals Lionel Messi has scored on this particular occasion. messi Do currency conversions

For that friend who still insists on converting everything from dirhams to his home currency, Siri can cut down on the tedium.

Make decisions for you

Can't decide which of the new Victoria's Secret Angels to pick as your desktop background? Let Siri toss a coin or roll some dice and make the choice for you. Victoria's Secret 10 new Angels

Set reminders

Never get in hot water for missing an anniversary or birthday again. Although you do still need to remember stuff in the first place in order to tell Siri to remind you, so maybe this isn't quite the saving grace we'd like to think...

Check cinema times

We already told you 10 original films to watch this year, and now Siri can tell you when and where they are on. the Avengers Make dinner reservations

You know when you're craving a certain type of food but haven't got a clue where's best to get it? Just ask Siri. "Find some tables for two at Italian restaurants" - and she'll do the rest.

Share a joke

Say something stupid to Siri and see what she comes back with. Go on, we dare you. Siri Recognise songs

There are loads of popular apps for recognising music - Shazam, SoundHound, you know the ones we're talking about - but did you know you don't actually need any of them? Simply command Siri to "Name that tune," and she'll give you the track and the artist.