LG unveils new 4K OLED TV with ‘perfect black’

The electronics company believes its new product will create the next step in the evolution of the TV.

August 20, 2015

If there’s ever an optimum time of year in Dubai to unveil a new TV, it is now. The summer season means many residents spend their evenings and weekends indoors, the A/C on blast, with a stack of DVDs to watch. 

LG clearly knows this as yesterday the electronics company unveiled its latest 4K OELD TV for the MEA region in Dubai.

With its new OLED displays measuring 85 per cent slimmer, 20 per cent narrower and 26 per cent lighter than competing LCD TVs, LG believes the new products are unparalleled in their usability and convenience.

“The MEA region is a diverse and growing market, and LG sees huge potential here for OLED technology,” said Kevin Cha, president, LG Electronics Middle East & Africa. 

“We intend to create a new market here for the next step in the evolution of TV.”

LG claims that its latest OLED tech delivers a ‘perfect black’ and perfect colours, with an infinite contrast ratio, while self-lighting pixels give wider viewing angles.

Why does a ‘perfect black’ matter?

You may have noticed that stars shine brighter on darker nights, with their light appearing more vivid and brilliant against a perfect black backdrop. The new LG OLEG TV has a perfect black, meaning the richest colours are delivered on screen, providing greater depth and realism.