Supercar silly season: be ready for London this summer

Michael Shaw explains how to make sure your pride and joy rules the streets of Mayfair.

June 29, 2015

London has always been an attractive destination for escaping the blistering heat of the Middle East for the summer months. Whilst some love the many comforts offered by London, others cannot resist the temptation of bringing a part of home with them - even if it is a supercar.

So how do you go about shipping the car and then storing, perhaps even customising, and finally keeping it in the condition you expect?

Planning is key and as with most things, your car’s transport method depends on your budget, with costs ranging from £11,000 - £40,000 return based on the mode of transport and vehicle value.

Shipping requires forward planning – taking around three weeks from collection to clearing customs and delivery – however, you could ship the vehicle over in plenty of time and store it securely until you require the pleasure of using it.

Flying is quicker, but pricier, taking around three days from start to finish. Or, if you are a member of the top one per cent, you can fly it within your private jet on the day of travel, however, thorough planning is still required due to the legalities of moving vehicles across borders. 

Westminster Council no longer removes illegally parked-vehicles (historically from outside Harrods), but a priority for those shipping over their cars is finding a secure place to park it and avoid the wrath and fines of parking attendants.

Finding a secure garage or parking space is usually not problematic, but there can be premiums levied of up to 50 per cent for short term residences, dependent on where you want the car located. Being organised and agreeing the facility early can prove beneficial, particularly in the ever-difficult Mayfair.

If it’s customisation that floats your boat, London also has the people you need to get your supercar noticed. Franklin’s experts can have your pride and joy re-sprayed, gold-plated or polished back to showroom condition in order set you apart from other supercar owners on the streets that matter.

If it’s important to be spotted in your newly-customised car, one route suggestion is Sloane Street - the long stretch of road leading all the way down to Harvey Nichols opposite the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Other areas to be seen are Sloane Square, King’s Road, Mount Street and Bond Street in Mayfair. But avoid Piccadilly at all costs! This road is one way and normally always at a standstill, so if you don’t wish to be a picture postcard for all the tourists, my advice is to steer clear. 

Should you be considering bringing over a vehicle for the summer season, be sure you engage the best people to ensure it arrives safely, spends a lovely time here and returns in one perfect piece - with perhaps a custom leather interior or matt black paint job to remind you of your trip. 

Michael Shaw is founder of Franklin - household management, lifestyle assistance and private staffing. For details visit:

Image credit: Shakermedia, SWNS.