The all-new BMW 7-Series: lighter, faster and can be parked by remote control

The seriously sleek saloon will be on sale in the Middle East later this year.

EDGAR staff June 11, 2015

The all-new BMW 7-Series is a work of engineering and technological genius, coming together to form a car that even the most high-flying of executives - much like the guy in the official launch video, above, would struggle to find fault with.

It is not easy to impress the kind of people who buy these kind of cars, but with the new 7-Series BMW is not messing around. Not only is it bigger, faster and lighter than ever before - thanks to the wonders of carbon fibre shaving off 130kg from the outgoing model - but it is also jam-packed with futuristic technology.

And when we say the tech is futuristic, we're not palming you off with usual lane-keeping and headlight and windscreen wiper sensors garbage. No, the new 7-Series takes technology to the next level, with gesture control, tablet screens in the back to alter the seating arrangements and the pièce de résistance: remote-controlled parking. Seriously - James Bond eat your heart out.