The most expensive set of headphones ever made

Aural delights at a hefty price from Sennheiser.

Peter Iantorno November 9, 2015

When it comes to headphones, here at EDGAR, we like to think that we know our onions.

For example, we can all safely say that there are at least five different pairs on the market at the moment that are significantly better than anything omnipresent headphones manufacturer Beats can offer (and we even rounded them up here). 

However, when we heard about the latest offering from German audio specialists Sennheiser, even we were taken aback slightly. Why? Well, for a start it is estimated that they will sell for a whopping €50,000 (more than AED 217,000). Yes, you read that correctly – more than 217,000 dirhams for a pair of headphones. 

The rather un-catchily named HE 1060 / HEV 1060 (headphone/ amplifier) – known as the far snappier ‘Orpheus’ outside the UAE market – is about as close as you can get to aural perfection.

A decade in the making, the incredible headphones are part sculpture, part sound system. Made from more than 6,000 separate components, including gold-vaporised ceramic electrodes and platinum-vaporised diaphragms, each set takes a full day to assemble.

Sitting in a heavy polished marble case (which is apparently the best material for sound damping), the headphones come with four audio control elements made from a single piece of brass and then plated with chrome, as well as a set of futuristic-looking vacuum tubes enclosed in quartz glass bulbs.

If you’re after a decent set of headphones to take on the Metro on your daily commute, this certainly isn’t it – but if you’re a serious audiophile looking for the crowning glory to go in your man cave, look no further.

Details: From AED 217,000. Visit