The ultimate luxury floating island home

A floating island with a penthouse, helipad and waterfall: Could this be a new home for the UAE’s super-rich?

James Reynolds October 12, 2015

At the moment your average billionaire will most likely reside in a luxurious penthouse suite in New York, London or Dubai, or a million-dollar mansion perhaps somewhere out in the British countryside.

However, times are changing, and now designers have come up with what they say are “realistic” plans for a floating private island. Yes, you read that right… a floating island.

The brainchild of Austrian company Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts, the ambitious project, known as Kokomo Ailand, is said to be capable of setting sail on the high seas before dropping anchor anywhere in the world, meaning you could fall asleep just off the coast of Dubai one evening and wake up in the Bay of Bengal the following morning. Good luck to the pizza delivery guy trying to find this homeowner!

According to the plans, each island will be tailor made and equipped with a huge 80m-high penthouse suite, a helipad and even its very own mini-harbour – perfect for docking another one of Migaloo’s crazy creations: a submersible yacht.

First presented at the Monaco Yacht Show, this example features a grand waterfall feature, palm trees, a shark feeding station and – in our opinion, the best feature of all – a panoramic view from anywhere in the penthouse.

At the island’s big reveal, Christian Gumpold the managing director of Migaloo, said, “the response has been amazing – all of our clients love the idea.” He also claimed that in the future there are likely to be a lot more people living at sea, adding that floating islands could be the perfect first step towards society adapting to this new way of living.

Are the times of living on land coming to an end? Not likely. However, in the UAE, which we all know has a penchant for wild and ambitious projects in the sea, Migaloo may just have found its ideal market.