The ultimate luxury survival pod

When it’s every man for himself, the Ecocapsule is where you want to be.

Peter Iantorno June 7, 2015

Between global warming, killer viruses and the twitchy fingers of the bonkers dictators of nuclear-armed countries, it’s pretty much certain that sooner or later the world is going to go to crap. 

All won’t be lost though, and if you’re one of the lucky ones who survives whatever form of impending doom finally arrives, you’ll no doubt want a decent place to rest your head. Introducing the Ecocapsule – the ultimate in off-the-grid luxury living.

With built in solar cells, wind turbine and rainwater collection system, the Ecocapsule can sustain two people for up to a year at a time. And when we say sustain, we don’t mean like some flimsy tent would. No, the Ecocapsule has running water, a flushing toilet and even nice hot showers.

As well as the toilet and shower, somehow the smart designers at Nice Architects have managed to cram in a kitchen, dining area, bed and plenty of storage space, all into a neat pod that fits into a standard-sized shipping container and can be shipped, airlifted or even pulled by a pack animal to move it around.

In fact, it’s so luxurious in there that even though we reckon it’d be an ideal post-apocalypse hideaway, even if it doesn’t come to that we wouldn’t mind just jacking everything in and taking one of these out on the road and into the wilderness.

Want one? The price will be announced in the last quarter of 2015, at which time the first orders will be taken for an expected delivery in the first half of 2016.