The world's first supercharged drone is absolutely INSANE!

This supercharged drone is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

EDGAR staff April 30, 2015

Here at EDGAR, we've long been banging the drum about how one day, drones are going to change the world - and by the looks of the crazy supercharged flying machine in the video above, that day might be coming sooner than we thought.

Uploaded to YouTube by drone enthusiast Quadmovr, the video shows a normal-looking drone suddenly shoot up high into the air, before whizzing through the skies at breakneck speed performing Star Wars-style manoeuvres.

While not much is known about the drone, there has been speculation on reddit, where the video was posted, that the drone is being controlled by a computer; the word 'supercharged' is the wrong term to describe it; and that the video might even be sped up.

Is the video real? Is the drone being controlled by a machine? Should it be called 'supercharged'? Quite frankly, we're too busy imagining a rogue AI-controlled swarm of these bad boys wreaking havoc around Downtown Dubai to care!