Top 3: the best dune buggy cars for the UAE

Our pick of the best desert go-karts for off-road craziness in the emirates. 

August 10, 2015

Building a go-kart and racing around with your friends is a nostalgic memory for many men. However, by and large that’s what it remains: a memory. 

Not in the UAE. With the rolling sand dunes of surrounding desert all around, the temptation to go off-road with a dune buggy is just too strong for many.

So, with one of the country’s favourite pastimes in mind, here is our roundup of the best desert go-karts you can get in the UAE. 

Can-Am Maverick X, 2016 models
Can-Am has two versions of its 2016 Maverick X buggy, both launching this month. The ds 1000R Turbo was actually tested in the UAE’s desert, meaning it’s probably the best designed dune buggy in the world for the emirates’ dunes. 

The two-seater is the first side-by-side (SSV) vehicle in the world to use a turbocharged engine, with the updated model delivering 131 horsepower and 97 lb feet of torque. Upgrades include a stronger roll cage, suspension components, bead-lock wheels, real upholstery on the seats and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

It also comes as a four-seater, you know, for the family. Price: AED 96,500.

The limited edition rs 1000R Turbo is the same, but more. Arriving in the UAE market due to customer demand, pick the more exclusive sibling for a little more bang at a few more bucks. Price: AED 101,000. Visit

BMS V-Twin Buggy 800
One for novices and those still unsure of the width of the line between fun and danger, the BMS V-Twin 800 uses just 44 horsepower, but it is very lightweight, meaning it still feels like you’re going some. 

It comes with a roof rack, high power LED lights, four wheel drive with locking differential and a nitrogen shock absorber. It also looks slightly like the go-karts you envisaged as a kid, casting yourself back to those nostalgic days. Price: AED 32,000. Visit

Buckshot X2-R
Those in the know, know that if you’re looking to go extreme, you go to Buckshot Racing. Using a big-block V8 engine, the X2-R is about as bold and brash as a buggy can be; it could have just rolled off the set of Mad Max for all we know. With 1,300 horsepower - yes, that's 1,300 horsepower - just accelerating too hard can cause this thing to perform a wheelie, and serious air time over jumps is practically guaranteed. 

In the cockpit, some finer points include a PCI radio, 7-inch display and even cup holders. Although you probably shouldn’t trust a hot coffee to obey the laws of gravity when you put your foot down. Price: AED 640,000. Visit