Apple Watch 2 unveiled alongside AirPods

EDGAR breaks down what else happened at the Apple Event including surprise appearances from Super Mario and Sia.

Robert Chilton September 8, 2016

So the iPhone 7 is here. It has a new camera, a beefy new battery but no headphone jack - full details here.

After being a part of the exhilarating Apple event in San Francisco, EDGAR returned to the hotel to pick through the bones of everything else that was announced, from the wireless headphones to the Apple Watch 2, from Super Mario to Sia, and even Stephen Fry.

Apple Watch 2

The second Apple Watch was a talked-about element of the launch. Second only to Rolex in 2015 watch sales, the Apple Watch has introduced new features and a collaboration with Nike for runners with a new stretchy, perforated band and coaching apps.

Completely reengineered, the Apple Watch 2 is now swim-proof and water resistant to 50 metres - the speaker actually ejects the water after a watery workout. Pokemon Go app is available on the new watch, as is a breathe app to remind us to be take a moment and be mindful. 

The display is twice as bright as the first Apple Watch and has built-in GPS. Its case comes in three materials: aluminium, stainless steel and ceramic. Apple continues its partnership with Hermes with new colours and two new straps.

AirPods - the wireless headphones

The wireless headphones - AirPods - also got some approving oohs and aahs. Priced at $159 and available in late October, the white stalks have a microphone for calls and last five hours on a single charge. You can double tap to reach Siri, while infra red sensors detect when they're in your ear. 

What else?

Apple's education programme ConnectED also got a shout out as did Apple Music that now has 17 million subscribers. The App Store will soon welcome a new Super Mario game called Super Mario Run that was announced by Nintendo guru Shigeru Miyamoto who received a huge ovation from the crowd. 

The hoopla was wrapped up by pop star Sia who performed two songs with support from her mini-me dancing doppelgänger Maddie Ziegler. While Stephen Fry looked on. Just another normal day in the life of Apple.