At $145,000 is this the world’s greatest bed?

Favoured by royalty and rock stars alike, Hästens new bed the Vividus is probably the finest place on the planet to rest your head.

June 5, 2016

We imagine being King of Sweden must be a pretty chilled job without too many sleepless nights.

But should Carl XVI Gustaf ever have a tough day at work, he can rest his weary head on a bed from luxury Swedish brand Hästens, the choice of the royal family of Sweden since 1952.

The only thing that might make him toss and turn at night is the price: $145,000 – that’s AED 533,000.

The craftsmen at Hästens have been handmaking beds since 1852 and have now unveiled this, the new Vividus model, arguably the finest and most exclusive bed in the world. 

Each Vividus is made bespoke-to-order, from the hand-sewn layers of horsehair – from the tails of South American horses – to the hand tied bolster springs all adapted to fit each customer’s specific requirements. 

As you might expect from a company based in a highly forested country like Sweden, Hästens makes use of the local timber, taking Redwood pine from the country’s north for the base.

After taking more than three years to realise, each Vividus takes six men 320 hours to construct, using only oak pins to hold it all together – no nails or glue here, this is real Princess and the Pea stuff.

Owned and loved the world over by royalty, rock stars, Hollywood A-listers and heads of state, Hästens’ patented blue check print has a phenomenal 90 per cent brand recognition in Sweden – that’s higher than the country’s own flag. Couple its Swedish fame with more than 60 years in the home of the royal family, and the Vividus bed has a lot to live up to. 

Hastens Vividus Elsa Hosk.jpg Victoria's Secret model Elsa Hosk may or may not come with your purchase of a Vividus.

The Vividus arrives in the UAE later this year at the Hästens store at Sunset Mall, Dubai. Head down there to see how it feels to sleep like a king – crown not necessary.