Ferrari opens its first Salotto in Dubai

The lounge at Four Seasons Resort in Jumeirah offers test-drives of the 488GTB and GTC4Lusso.

Neil Churchill October 25, 2016

There’s something about lounges that luxury automobile brands really like. Bentley has its café in Dubai Marina, which has been open one year now, and Lexus has its Intersect concept in DIFC.

Now Ferrari has joined the trend opening its first ever pop-up Salotto – Italian for living room – at Dubai’s Four Seasons Resort in Jumeirah.

The luxury Italian company has described the concept as an open space for discerning types to take meetings, sip an espresso and relax while browsing hefty coffee table publications – of a certain brand of supercar we imagine. It will house limited edition products, car interior options and will also double as an event space for high-profile gatherings. 

Realistically though this is a Ferrari living room for a Ferrari crowd. Like the VIP area roped off in a high-end club, you are only going to walk in and take a seat if you are already an owner, or are seriously considering becoming one. 

Ferrari is counting on the latter it seems, with test-drives of its latest cars available from the Salotto Ferrari; the new 488GTB and GTC4Lusso sit patiently outside. For reasons we don’t need to explain, there are co-pilots on standby from Maranello to accompany you.

In a statement, the prancing horse has described the concept as “a live emblem of the Ferrari spirit; a welcoming 'living room' environment that pays tribute to the glamour and elegance of the brand's iconic lifestyle.”

It’s only open until November 13, so until then expect a rise in V12 engine noise around Jumeirah 2. 

Located at the restaurant village at Four Seasons Resort Dubai, Jumeirah Beach. Maranello pilots available Thursday to Saturday.