Introducing Qatar’s first supercar: the Elibriea

The concept has been designed to resemble a jet stealth fighter, with 525-horsepower coming from a V6 engine.

Neil Churchill February 10, 2016

In terms of exports, Qatar has given little to the outside world other than oil and gas – over 93 per cent of exports come from below the ground, in case you disagree. 

But that could potentially change in the future, although the export in question will use oil by way of fuel – and probably a lot of it.

This is the Elibriea, a concept supercar designed in Qatar. The brainchild of Qatari resident Abdul Wahab Ziaullah, a Pakistani engineer, the gold prototype was unveiled at the Qatar Motor Show last week. 

Sporting some extremely hard angles and sharp edges from its carbon fibre body, the Elibriea has been designed to resemble a jet stealth fighter, with the current concept offering 525-horsepower from its General Motors-sourced V6 engine. 

After first drawing sketches of the supercar more than ten years ago, Ziaullah secured funding from Qatar’s National Research Fund and the Ali Bin Ali Group, with the concept then taking two and half years to build. 

"It's an advanced prototype that we can later market and manufacture professionally," Imad Hashim of the Ali Bin Ali Group told Reuters. 

"This idea won't stop here at the prototype stage. It has big potential to grow."

Given Qatar’s penchant – and the surrounding GCC states too – for foreign supercars, it’s curious that there are not more locally made high-performance cars from the region. Lebanese owned W Motors, which produces its Lykan HyperSport in Dubai, is an exception. 

But for Doha, giving a supercar back to the European and American markets, with a ‘Made in Qatar’ stamp on, will be an export to be proud of.