Pimp my yard: how to give your garden a luxury makeover

Five tips on how to turn your underwhelming outdoor space into the most used part of your home.

March 10, 2016

In the UAE, supercars and high-end watches are not honest signs of somebody’s wealth. After all, you can buy them second hand on credit (as most people do).

The real sign of wealth in this warm climate is your home and in particular, your garden.

Having previously advised you how to spice up your kitchen and pimp the indoors, it’s probably time you renovated that garden and made your neighbours insanely jealous. 

We asked Paul Azzopardi, managing director of Toscana Landscaping, for his advice on how to give your garden a luxury revamp. Here’s what he told us: 

Upgrade the tiling

Gardens are about textures and nothing enhances the look and feel better than a luxurious patio tile. If you prefer the natural look, Travertine tiles are the number one choice; the tile that built Rome and amazing monuments such as the Colosseum is still the optimum choice when it comes to luxury and durability. 

For a more modern contemporary look, Keope Porcelain Tiles are the way to go. Designed to look and feel like natural pavers, these tiles are low maintenance, non-slip and able to withstand high wear and tear such as installations in driveways and pool deck areas.

Light it up

Most gardens in Dubai are utilised in the evenings, after work or when the outdoor temperature is cooler. A very important part of the ambience is lighting and customised light panels really bring the garden to life.

Created by using laser cut technology, these panels are made in marble or mild steel in order to withstand the elements and ensure they serve the purpose. They bring the luxury look to your garden.

The outdoor BBQ

Take barbecuing to a different level; expand your grilling experience and get a proper outdoor BBQ. Make sure it’s got an innovative charcoal grill, not the traditional type, that it’s stylish and positioned well for parties. I’d recommend the Broil King Keg. 

The outdoor kitchen

Why stop at the BBQ? Go the whole hog and install an Italian wood-fired pizza oven. Yes it’s easy to order a delivery pizza when you’re sat outside for dinner, but nothing compares to freshly made dough. Try it once and you will quickly become a pizza connoisseur.

Turn the garden into another room

Gardens are an extension of the living space and an outdoor room is the perfect way to enjoy dining al fresco or to sit and take in the swimming pool views.

You can go a step further and fit a ceiling fan to extend its use when the hot weather kicks in. 

Paul Azzopardi is managing director at Toscana Landscaping. Visit: toscanalandscaping.com