The $1.5m toy for every superyacht owner

For millionaire yacht owners, personal submarines are in, and the DeepFlight Dragon is one of the best on the market.

Steve Chalmers May 5, 2016

Water toys are now an integral part of any superyacht and as they get more popular, the designs get more innovative.

Only a few years ago, personal submarines were a rarity, with only the household names of the superyacht world operating them. 

These days there are a number on the market, with DeepFlight’s Dragon leading the way in terms of both style and performance.

Looking more like a Formula 1 car than a submarine, the Dragon combines futuristic looks with high tech features such as the ability to hover. 

A DeepFlight Dive Manager system that monitors and manages critical functions and fixed positive buoyancy, meaning that it will always naturally float back to the surface.

Launched, recovered and stored like a tender, the Dragon opens up a whole new world of exploration to the superyacht owner.

Deepflight Dragon by the numbers

  • LOA: 5m
  • Width: 1.9m 
  • Height: 1.1m
  • Weight: 1800kg
  • Power: Lithium iron phosphate batteries
  • Price: $1.5 million