Apple AirPods: What we learned after using them for a week

Now available in the Middle East, here’s why Apple’s AirPods could be the best wireless earbuds yet. 

Meryl D'Souza February 9, 2017

The AirPods are tough to find. We suffered a mini heart attack four days into using the AirPods. Getting into a friend’s car, we were taking off the wireless earbuds when our butter fingers let one slip.

If you’ve ever lost something in your life, you know that thing becomes a lot harder to find when you’re panicking. We were forced to park the car and search for the earpiece. All the while we’re trying to make it for a movie.

We found the little thing, of course. Though we couldn’t help but wish there was an app that could help our sorry state. A bit of research pointed towards a beta version of the iOS 10.3 update that has the feature built in. Unfortunately, not all of us are privy to those kinds of luxuries.

Of course, none of this is an Apple problem. It’s more of a human problem. Not everyone is as clumsy. Still, it would have been amazing to have a ping feature like the one we love from the Apple Watch Series 2 and its predecessor. 

It’ll cost you
Losing one means you don’t have a set. You can’t buy individual AirPods so you’ll be forced to shell out AED 649 for a brand new set. We need that Find My AirPod feature stat!

Pairing takes no time
Pairing the AirPods to your Apple device is the easiest thing in the world. Putting your socks on or chewing your food requires more effort. With the AirPods, all you have to do is open the case within a 10-metre radius from your iPhone and you’re good to go. That bit of technology is down to Apple's new processing chip called the W1.

Ease of use
Like most Apple devices, usability is straightforward enough for even the technologically challenged. The absence of buttons on the AirPods mean you either have to depend on Siri – by double tapping either earbud – to adjust the volume of whatever it is you’re listening to or do it manually through your phones. Although Apple Watch users can look to their wrists for a control panel.

They don’t fall out of your ears
Yes, you will look a tad weird with just the earbuds dangling from your ears – that’s something that can’t be helped, just look at Becks up there – but you can rest easy, they won’t fall out. Just don’t take them on a run.

They’re compatible
Believe it or not, the AirPods work with non-Apple Bluetooth audio devices.

Key function
When connected to an Apple device, the AirPods automatically pause your media when it notices that you’ve taken either one of both earbuds off. If you’re using Apple Music, they'll resume playing your music when you put them back in your ears.

They don’t really cancel out the ambient noise|
The AirPods aren’t noise-cancelling in any way, which means that even on full blast, you’re never really disconnected from the world when you put them on. Until smart earphones make their way into the world, this is something we’ll just have to live with. It’s also worth noting that we found the AirPods to be more comfortable than the EarPods.

There’s no sound leaking
For those of you unfamiliar with sound leaking, picture a quiet ride in a public transport marred by someone listening to rubbish EDM music on his headphones with the volume cranked to max and everyone else is forced to be part of his little party. The AirPods don’t do that.

The life force is strong with this one
The ear buds last longer than the five hours of battery life advertised by Apple. The case that holds the passive earbuds can keep you going for 24 hours on a single charge. By comparison, most other wireless earphones get under 10 hours of battery life between charges.