Apple shows off the brilliance of its iPhone 7 camera

One Night on iPhone 7: Images shot on the phone will be displayed across 25 countries from today.

Meryl D'Souza February 1, 2017

An ad promoting the iPhone 7 Plus by Apple in December last year boasted that its latest device sported a camera fit for movie production – a bold claim. The ad showed two children playing out Bill Shakespeare’s classic Romeo & Juliet in a realistic setting, only to reveal that we're actually watching a school play being recorded by a father on his iPhone 7 Plus. Sorry for the spoiler.

It’s ambitious, but not as much as one would imagine; the iPhone 7 sports one of the best cameras in the world. We even compared it to its nearest, and maybe only, rival the Samsung Galaxy S7. Of course, our pictures aren’t nearly as good as the ones featured in Apple’s latest campaign.

Over the past couple years you may have noticed Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ billboards around the UAE. It’s one of the tech giant’s regular campaigns with the sole intention of showing off how great its cameras are. For a third consecutive year, the streets in UAE will adorn a collection of artistic photographs taken with the latest iteration of the iPhone.

For this year’s campaign titled ‘One Night on iPhone 7’, the California company focused on the 7’s low-light capabilities. From the Arctic ice caves to the rooftops of Shanghai, the images shot from around the world followed the dawn, dusk and darkness trend. Starting today, all the spectacular images will be displayed across 25 countries including the UAE. 

Here are some of the best: