Revealed: the new Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce unveils the new incarnation of its iconic car in Abu Dhabi

Robert Chilton October 24, 2017

At 92, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is looking very good for its age, don’t you think? Now in its eighth generation, this iconic car has retained the excellent genes of its predecessors but, with the help of a few modern tweaks here and there, has arrived fresh-faced for 2017.


The most technologically-advanced Rolls-Royce car of all time was unveiled at Abu Dhabi Motors and proudly showed off its new dashboard, a new aluminium spaceframe, a new V12 engine plus a string of modifications to cement its status as the quietest drive on the road.


Since its debut in 1925 the iconic car has maintained its status as the pinnacle of luxury and elegance. Intriguingly, Sir Henry Royce’s first Phantom I was conceived under a shroud of secrecy and even had its own code name: Eastern Armoured Car. The crude moniker was designed to make competitors think Rolls-Royce was building a military vehicle. Sneaky engineers even left pieces of armour plating lying around the factory to throw any spies off the scent.

Upon its introduction in 1925, Phantom I with its 7.668-litre straight-six engine was a hit. But Sir Henry Royce didn’t rest on his laurels and gave the green light for production of Phantom II in 1929, proclaiming that the factory must “take the best that exists and make it better”.

A string of models followed over the next 70 years, many of which were bought by royalty and celebrities including John Lennon and Fred Astaire who had his Phantom customised (below). 



With the extraordinary history of its magnificent forefathers, the new Phantom has quite a legacy to continue.

Phantom short wheelbase from AED 1,950,000;