Rolls-Royce unveils exclusive Ghost for the Middle East

Inspired by the Arabian deserts, only three models of the Ghost Oasis Edition will be sold.

Neil Churchill January 23, 2017

Living in the GCC it’s quite normal to see one-off custom cars on the roads. Two-toned Bentleys, racing-striped Ferraris, Brabus-tuned G-Wagons and so on.

Rolls-Royce though has been the undisputed king of bespoke high-end motors for years, its Abu Dhabi branch in particular. It’s wholly appropriate then that the luxury automotive brand has unveiled a limited edition version of its Ghost model exclusive to the region.

It’s called the Oasis Edition and only three models have been made, one of which is currently sitting in the Abu Dhabi showroom. Everything from its paint job to the detailing inside has taken inspiration from the storied oases of the Arabian deserts that surround the UAE. 

Its white and gold two-tone exterior, officially called Arum and Desert Dune Metallic, includes a motif behind the backseat window depicting a camel train. Inside there is another on the passenger side glove compartment. 

The interior is ‘Seashell’, a sandy-ish colour, with the blue accents throughout depicting water. Other cappings and details are in a ‘piano veneer in moccasin’, that was developed especially for the car. The embroidery on the rear centre armrest is in a sand dune pattern.

It’s more common to see two-tone Wraiths and Dawns – Rolls-Royce’s sportier two-door models – patrolling the GCC’s streets, so it’s quite refreshing that the BMW-owned company has chosen the four-door saloon for this mismatch special.

Launched in 2009, the Ghost has in recent years been the silent cornerstone in Rolls-Royce’s fleet, the aforementioned younger models and even the elder Phantom – including its coupe and drophead versions – have hogged the limelight. But with only three units of the Ghost Oasis Edition to be sold, 2017 could be the year the Ghost becomes the must-have Rolls.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost Oasis Edition can be viewed in Abu Dhabi Motors showroom at Umm Al Nar, Abu Dhabi