30 incredible images of Dubai you've never seen before

Think you’ve seen every angle of Dubai? Prepare to be proven wrong.

August 21, 2014

When it comes to having its picture taken, Dubai is a bit of a poser.

Wether you live in the emirate or you're just a regular visitor, the chances are you have at least one image on your phone of the Burj Al Arab at sunset, with the sea glistening in the background and a paddle boarder drifting into view. It’s probably a great photo, one that people compliment you on. And it’s probably a mirror image of one that your friend took a week before, and your other friend a week later.

You see the problem with Dubai being such a photographic place is that everyone has the same snaps of the same sights. Show a resident a photo of you in front of the Burj Khalifa and the most enthusiastic response you can expect is “Oh yeah, that’s good” – as they wonder how long you struggled trying to fit the entire building into shot.

But we bet you haven’t seen these images of Dubai before, not from these angles. Prepare to see the emirate you know so well in a very different light...dubai32 dubai30 dubai29 dubai27 dubai25 dubai26 dubai31 dubai28 dubai23 dubai22 dubai21 dubai20 dubai19 dubai18 dubai17 dubai16 dubai15 dubai14 dubai9 dubai13 dubai12 dubai11 dubai10 dubai8 dubai7 dubai6 dubai5 dubai4 dubai3

 Image credit from Flickr: Peter and Jane Burns; Beno Saradzic; Daniel Cheong.