8 reasons why being a superhero sucks

Everyone wants to be a superhero, but we reckon it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Here’s why…

EDGAR staff July 24, 2014

As some of the biggest comic book fans from around the world descend on San Diego for this weekend's Comic Con, you can be pretty sure that if you offered any one of them the chance at being a superhero, they'd snap your hand off.

And wouldn't most of us be the same? The ability to fly, become invisible or even have super strength would be pretty awesome. But as Spider-Man's Uncle Ben once said, "With great power comes great responsibility".

So with that in mind, here's our reasons as to why being a superhero wouldn't be quite as much fun as you'd think:

1. Your relatives always die

family dead First and foremost, if you're a superhero you'll more than likely have to suffer the grief of a close relative or friend dying. And you'll definitely blame yourself, whether it's entirely your fault or not.

2. You can never have a girlfriend


It's not getting the girl that's the issue. It's the knowledge that if you made your romance public, you immediately put her in danger. And that's not even the worst part - you'll be fighting the girls off when you've got your disguise on, only to turn back into a wealthy loner or friendless geek when you go back to the real you.

3. You’re never any good at your day job

bad at job Super strength is great for fighting bad guys, but when you've got a newspaper article due in five minutes and you've not even started writing because you were busy saving the world, it's not that much help.

4. Your home always gets destroyed

home messed up At least once during your life, a super villain who you've angered in the past will return, inevitably find out where you live and go round and trash the place, quite possibly leaving you for dead in the process.

5. You have to wear spandex

spandex You could just wear normal clothes and a mask, but for some reason you can't stop yourself from trying to show off your buff body in skintight spandex. And sure enough, karma punishes your boastfulness when you're on the receiving end of the worst chafing imaginable.

6. Someone always wants to be your sidekick

sidekick Let's get serious for a minute. If you've got a slightly effeminate guy named Robin who you're always hanging around with, people are bound to ask questions. We would say stick with Catwoman but she'll most likely try to kill you.

7. You'll probably have to take the blame

darknight You may well have just saved the world, but that doesn't matter one jot to the police, who believe you're a menace to society and try to hound you out of town.

8. You can never take a break

You can forget about that couple of weeks relaxing on the beach or by the pool you had planned this year; crime doesn't take a break so neither can you.