All men should be more like Gerard Butler

The Scottish actor tells us what makes him a man of today, with BOSS Bottled.

EDGAR staff November 4, 2014

What does it mean to be a man of today?

It's rare we get this philosophical here at EDGAR, but in today's world it's a pertinent question. Rather than answer it ourselves though, we instead turned to a guy who is more man than most - Gerard Butler.

As part of a campaign for BOSS Bottled, the Scottish actor revealed what modern masculinity means to him, and his take on the definition of the 'man of today'. See all in the campaign video below.

In between takes however, Butler - who of course in the epic film 300 played Spartan King Leonidas, the manliest character of all time - revealed how ambitious he is, and what ambition means to him. See the short interview - exclusive to EDGAR - above.

Professor Brendan Gough, a social psychology expert who conducted research synopsis for the campaign, had this to say on what it takes to be a 'man of today': "The focus previously was very much on appearance. Today men are still interested in appearance but they're not obsessed, so it's more balanced, and that's a theme of men today when it comes to masculinity.

"It's this hybrid mix of elements that has some of the classic values around chivalry and being a gentleman, and the more modern, softer skills around being emotionally-expressive and caring."