American trucks have never looked so awesome

Swiss photographer Ulysse Fréchelin presents the iconic American vehicle in a completely new light.

Neil Churchill June 30, 2014

American trucks are an icon of North America, patrolling the backbone of highways stretching across states bigger than some countries.

But as distinctive and recognisable as they may be, they're rarely thought of as things of beauty. That was however until Swiss photographer Ulysse Fréchelin gave them this artistic makeover.

Displayed in his book 'American Trucks' [who likes abstract book titles anyway] Fréchelin uses cleverly-lit closeups of surprisingly intricate details of these road-hogs from unnatural angles, to give us a completely new perspective.

Gleaming exhaust pipes, imperious radiator grilles, shiny hub caps, curvaceous fenders, chunky wheel bolts and riveted hoods; Fréchelin leaves no part of the truck untouched, presenting these kings of the road in a completely fresh light.

What makes his project all the more impressive is Fréchelin shot it all over a fortnight in the intense heat of the Arizona-New Mexico border. And, not least of all, that he convinced burly truck drivers to agree to him snapping their pride and joys.

Released by the MB&F M.A.D. Gallery in Geneva, eight photos from the book will also be available in a limited edition of eight large-format prints. Ulysse-Frechelin-American-Trucks-Walcott_Lres Ulysse-Frechelin-American-Trucks-Stainless-Steel-Woman_Lres Ulysse-Frechelin-American-Trucks-Evening-Shine_Lres Ulysse-Frechelin-American-Trucks-Blue-Back_Lres Details: visit