Joe Black: the master of mosaic

This hugely talented artist uses thousands of tiny pieces to create some of the most amazing artwork we’ve ever seen.

EDGAR staff December 30, 2014

To call Joe Black modest would be the understatement of the century.

The uber-talented Englishman is known for his massive mosaic-like artworks based on popular imagery, which he makes from huge quantities of tiny objects, such as toy soldiers, ball bearings, LEGO and buttons. But despite receiving widespread critical acclaim, Black doesn't consider himself a professional artist - more a maker of images.

Although he says he'll make his work out of pretty much anything that is small and plentiful enough to give him his desired effect, the objects he uses are clearly picked for a reason. Joe Black artist.

For example his portrait of US President Barack Obama, called Shoot To Kill, is made out of some 11,000 black and white toy soldiers. Some of his other artworks reference popular culture, politics, mass media and even pornographic imagery.

To get the full effect of the mosaic, the works are best viewed from a 50-metre distance. However, the great thing about Joe Black's art is that it looks different from every angle, as the eye is drawn to certain parts of the complete image.

Here are a few of our favourite pieces, from both far away and then close up:

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