Max Zorn: the master of tape art

Who knew packing tape could be this beautiful?

June 2, 2014

We've never been a fan of packing tape. It's noisy, too big, too likely to fold back on itself, it smells and the colour is a boring shade of brown. So we're in awe right now as we've just discovered tape art, and one artist in particular who has it down to a T.

Max Zorn is an Amsterdam-based street artist who for the last few years has taped the city brown with wonderfully creative pieces of work. Using only a roll of packing tape and a scalpel, Max sticks tape across plexiglass panels carving out images as he goes.

Adding layers of tape gives different shades and perspective, allowing Tape Boy (that's what we're calling him) to create incredibly detailed and intricate designs. He then hangs his masterpieces on street lamps around the Dutch city and waits for the sun to go down; as the lights are switched on his art works come to life. 

On his site Max says street lamps are his preferred option for display, but his bigger works have been showed at exhibitions and galleries. And yes, he sells these incredible examples of tape art.

We take our hat off to him and we'll never look at packing tape the same again. Though we'll feel even more inadequate than usual next time we leave a big air bubble in our efforts. 

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