Romero Britto: The Prince of Pop Art

We profile the greatest pop artist of a generation – the inimitable Romero Britto.

December 25, 2014

If you think that pop art starts and ends with Andy Warhol, think again, because Brazilian Romero Britto, perhaps the greatest living example of a pop artist, is still turning out stunning contemporary artworks more than a quarter of a century after Warhol's death.

Using vibrant colours and bold patterns, Romero portrays the world through his eyes - a world not of sadness and despair but of hope and happiness, reflecting his optimistic faith in humanity.

Born in the Brazilian city of Recife in 1963, Britto grew up in extremely modest surroundings amongst eight siblings. However, his innate creativity allowed him to fill his life with images of a bigger and more beautiful world beyond the one he lived in. 

This ethos stuck with Britto into adulthood, and after moving to Miami, USA, to pursue his artistic dreams, his unrelentingly optimistic artworks began to draw attention and gain him plenty of critical acclaim.

Now his work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in more than 100 countries, and he has created public art installations for the 02 Dome in Berlin, J.F.K Airport in New York, Cirque Du Soleil at Super Bowl XLI, and London's Hyde Park.

He served as an official artist for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and had the honour of being an ambassador to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. He's also worked with some of the world's leading brands, including Audi, Bentley, Coca-Cola, Disney, Evian, Hublot, Mattel, and Technomarine to name a few. Here are just a few of his superb artworks: Romero Britto. Romero Britto. Romero Britto. Romero Britto. Romero Britto. Romero Britto. Romero Britto. Romero Britto. Romero Britto. Details: For more information, visit