The coolest piano we've ever seen

The Whaletone piano combines professional-quality music and stunning design.

EDGAR staff July 1, 2014

This is the kind of striking design that makes us wish we could play the piano. If only we'd listened to our parents and kept up with those lessons, we'd have the perfect reason to put this beautiful creation in our home, or even the EDGAR office.

The spectacular instrument you see before you is made by British company Whaletone, which is headed by Polish designer Robert Majkut. The company specialises in creating professional-quality grand pianos that would look just as much at home floating on the ocean as they would in the living room of your penthouse apartment.

Striking aesthetics aside, both Whaletone's products - the Royal Digital and its new slightly smaller Grand Hybrid - are serious pieces of musical kit. 2 In a departure from the classic grand piano, which uses hammers and strings to make its noise, the electronic instrument is loaded with 50 various high-quality sounds and packed with modern technology to make the playing experience sound and feel authentic.

USB connection sockets built into the piano provide the capability of recording, saving and playing back your sessions while a headphone socket ensures late-night jamming sessions won't wake the neighbours.

Each Whaletone can be adapted to order with fully bespoke finishing options available, just in case you were worried this 13 x 8 ft crowd-pleaser wouldn't blend in with your furniture.

Perhaps the best feature though is the Moving Keys function, where the piano plays performances from your favourite artists completely independently. Maybe we don't need to take up those lessons again after all...

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