10 most disgusting things Bear Grylls has ever eaten

From a sheep's eyeball to a raw snake, the Born Survivor star has consumed some truly horrific things.

EDGAR staff December 17, 2015

British survival expert Bear Grylls has the strongest stomach in show business.

During more than a decade on TV screens, the 41-year-old former Royal Marine has made a habit of consuming some truly horrific things in the name of survival (or is it entertainment?).

His latest exploits see him enlist none other than the President of the United States, Barack Obama, to help him cook up a discarded salmon that’s been gnawed by a grizzly bear (video above).

While that might not sound like the most appetising of meals, compared to Grylls’ previous feasts, the President actually got off extremely lightly.

Here are the 10 most disgusting things that Bear Grylls has ever consumed. If you’re eating, you might want to leave this one until later.

10. Live octopus

9. Giant beetle

8. Moose heart

7. His own urine

6. Sheep eyeball

5. Elephant dung juice

4. Raw snake

3. Yak blood

2. Goat testicle

1. Giant larva

The Obama episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls airs on US TV channel NBC on December 17.