Bombay Velvet: an interview with Ranbir Kapoor

The Bollywood actor and Tag Heuer ambassador talks to us about legacy, luxury and football.

Matthew Priest August 16, 2015

All in the family
My inspiration is my grandfather, [noted actor and director] Raj Kapoor. I was very young when he passed away so everything I know about him and cinema I learnt through his work and that truly inspires me.  

Great expectations
I don’t think that there is pressure on me to live up to the family name because pressure is a negative term. I do, however, feel a great sense of responsibility as my family has been contributing to Indian cinema for over 80 years and now I have to take that legacy forward. Despite that, I feel that I need to do it in my own way, with my notions, my thoughts and my choices. 

Just keep smiling
I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of guy. My life philosophy is to keep on smiling.  I’m at my happiest when I am surrounded by happy and creative people or on a film set. There’s nothing better to motivate you than doing good work. I want to continue to grow as an actor and deliver good performances with every film that I am in. 

It’s humbling to be part of a family with names like Cristiano Ronaldo and Shah Rukh Khan.

Bombay Velvet
I was very excited by my recent film Bombay Velvet. It’s a period crime drama set in the 1960s, and something that was completely new to me and, I believe, also to Indian cinema. I hope people identify with it and give it a chance. I pick the films I’m in based on the script and the director’s vision – and always hope we can deliver that. 

Football fever 
I love football. I always had a natural inclination towards it since I was a child. Being in the movies gave me the opportunity to be the co-owner of my city’s football team, Mumbai City FC. Every boy dreams of owning a football team one day, and I am lucky that I was able to live out that dream. I have to spread my priorities between football and movies because I am passionate about both.

Tag family
There is something very cool and sporty about Tag Heuer. When I was in school I used draw the logo in my notebooks, so it’s pretty cool now that they brand approached me about being one of their ambassadors. It’s rather humbling to be part of a family with names like Cristiano Ronaldo and Shah Rukh Khan. I wouldn’t say that I was a watch collector per se, but yes, owning a good watch was something I have always wanted. I love the Calibre 1887 Jack Heuer special edition. I feel that a watch becomes part of who you are and it identifies with you.

Real luxury
Luxury is happiness, and a luxury item is anything that brings you happiness. It’s anything that gives you that sense of freedom, that sense of peace – that’s what I believe real luxury is all about. 

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