Innocence lost: Kazuki Takamatsu’s ghostly X-Rays

Welcome to the dark and troubled world of Japanese artist Kazuki-Takamatsu.

Peter Iantorno July 7, 2015

What happens when you mix one of the oldest artistic mediums, gouache, with one of the most modern, depth-mapping? Kazuki Takamatsu decided to find out, and the results are incredible.

To create his extraordinary artwork, Takamatsu first hand-paints them using gouache paint – a technique dating back to the 16th century – and then digitally manipulates them using a technique called depth mapping, which assigns a different shade of grey to each individual pixel according to its perceived distance from the view. Technical stuff!

The subject matter is as unusual as the technique, as the Japanese artist tends to focus on slender, young-looking characters juxtaposed with very adult tools such as guns and knives.

Is he commenting on the over-sexualisation of youth, or loss of innocence in society today? We’re not sure, but what is for sure is that they are absolutely captivating, and a little troubling, to look at.