Message in a bottle: the intricate artwork of Jim Dingilian

What this artist can do with smoke in a bottle is truly amazing.

May 5, 2015

As a child, we were always perplexed by those glass bottles that contained a tiny model ship inside, its masts and sails twice as high as the bottle's opening. But these incredible artworks made on the inside of standard glass bottles have left us truly amazed.

As an artist, creating a niche style is one of the best ways to make a name for yourself, and New York artist Jim Dingilian has done just that, perfecting his unique form of bottled smoke art. Dingilian fills the inside of a bottle with candle smoke before using brushes, cotton buds and other small implements to reach every angle inside, cleaning chosen areas in specific ways. The smoke thats remains inside, stained on the inner glass, conjures the image.

This style of bottled smoke art lends itself naturally to the images that Dingilian chooses to design. The wispy, gritty and yet beautiful images are fitting of what an empty liquor bottle depicts. As Dingilian himself says, they can resemble delight or dread. “The miniature scenes I depict are of locations on the edge of suburbia which seem mysterious or even slightly menacing despite their commonplace nature," he says.

"The bottles add to the implied narratives of transgression. When found by the sides of roads or in the weeds near the edges of parking lots, empty liquor bottles are artifacts of consumption, delight, or dread. As art objects, they become hourglasses of sorts, their drained interiors now inhabited by dim memories.” Jim Dingilian smoke art bottles.  Jim Dingilian smoke art bottles. Jim Dingilian smoke art bottles. Jim Dingilian smoke art bottles. Jim Dingilian smoke art bottles. Images credit of Jim Dingilian. Visit Main image credit: {Flixelpix} David. Visit