Modifeye: Surreal photography that tricks the mind

Photoshop guru Modifeye merges wildlife and urbanism in his stunning collection of surreal images.

EDGAR staff September 15, 2015

“See things differently.”

That is the tagline Nathan Colantonio, known as Modifeye, uses for his distinctive brand of photography-based artwork.

And you have to say it is rather an apt way to describe the Canada-based artist’s work, as he uses his considerable talent with photo editing software to meld his photographs of nature and urban life into one.

“Photography is all about having ‘the eye’ or having creative vision,” Colantonio says on his official Facebook page. “I like to take photos but then modify them into something special and unique. See the world around you differently, visualise what it can be and then 'Modifeye' it."

The results of Colantonio’s process are these intriguing otherworldly images, combining wildlife and urbanism and turning them into one surreal piece of artwork.

Here are a few of our favourites.